Are Liquid Raspberry Ketone Sublingual Drops Better Than Capsules?

Liquid Raspberry Ketone Sublingual DropsIt seems that whatever Dr. Oz recommends on his Health TV Show becomes the next best selling weight-loss phenomena.

In this case, the science is what is behind the claims that this is the number one fat-burner in a bottle. Study after study confirms the fat-busting ability of Raspberry Ketones.

The question is not whether you should try them, but in what form should you try them?

What Are Sublingual Drops & What Does That Mean?

The most common forms of Raspberry Ketones are either Capsules or Liquid Drops. Both are effective at burning off fatty tissue. The drops are simply placed under the tongue, and absorbed by the sublingual-mucosa. This makes taking a dose easy, with no pills to swallow. For those people that don’t like to take pills, this is perfect.

What this means is that it will bypass the stomach, as it is absorbed in the mouth. No stomach digestion is needed to beak down the ingredients for uptake through the tissues of the gut. If you don’t have sufficient digestive enzymes in your stomach, you wouldn’t be absorbing what you think you are anyway.

Why Liquid Raspberry Ketone Sublingual Drops Work Faster Than Capsules?

When you swallow a capsule, it has to make its way down to your stomach. Here the gastric-juices will attack the capsule, and dissolve the capsule itself, thus releasing the ingredients. It is the job of your digestive enzymes and acids to break down these ingredients for absorption through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream. It has to go through the liver for a purification process, which also adds to the burden on the liver.

An interesting point is that no two people have the same digestive-compounds profile. This means that it is impossible to predict how much, if any, of the supplement is going to end-up being absorbed and put to use. It takes time, measured in hours, for this process to take place. During this time period, the supplement’s ingredients are already starting to degrade.

This is why the liquid sublingual formula is far superior. It will become active three times faster than the capsules. The formula will open-up the capillaries, and the ketones will begin their journey into your bloodstream right away. The ideal delivery method, almost as good as injections.

How Does Alcohol Help With Better Sublingual Absorption?

Many herbal extracts use alcohol as part of the formula. The extraction is accomplished because of the herb’s solubility in alcohol, and also uses alcohol as a preservative. Under the tongue, the alcohol in the formula will come in contact with the capillaries in the “connective-tissue”, under the “epithelium”, and cause them to dilate, or expand, enabling the ketones to be readily absorbed without making a “first-pass” through the liver.

The only degradation-factor in the oral-delivery method would be the salivary-enzymes. The uptake is so quick, that this is not recognized as a detrimental condition, especially when compared to the digestive processes.

Are Liquid Raspberry Ketone Sublingual Drops Right For You?

If you are looking for one of the most effective diet aids of this century, then look no further. After all, a substance that can cause weight loss without altering the diet, or doing exercise, is almost too good to be true. Yet, this is exactly why people have been raving about this new supplement.

If you included a healthy diet, and moderate exercise, you may experience too rapid a weight-loss, and may have to cut-back on the dosage a little. Too rapid a weight-loss is not healthy for your body. Try to limit it to 4-5 pounds a week, depending on how you feel. You want to have a weight-loss program that works for the long-term.

As you see the fat disappearing into thin air, you will become even more enthusiastic about losing weight, and you will feel like doing more exercise, and making better food choices. The sub-lingual drops are easy to administer, taste great, and start working right away. Perfect choice!

Where To Get Our Top Recommended Liquid Raspberry Ketones Sublingual Drops?

I have recently completed my review of sublingual Raspberry Ketone Drops. One of my pet-peeves is that of high quality. I insist on high-quality ingredients. No Chinese imports, or other questionable sources. I must be shown a Certificate of Analysis, which is what the nutritional supplement industry uses as a standard of proving the quality of the ingredients.

I was very impressed with Source Health Labs, and their liquid formulation. It is a well balanced formula, and they have tons of user testimonials that add credibility to the product claims. I will no-doubt be a contributor to their testimonials file, because I have been testing their product, and I love it!

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